The Overholt Law Firm, PC serves businesses and individuals across North Carolina, providing fair, honest, and aggressive representation. Renowned for excellence in various fields of law, our firm upholds a legacy of professionalism, extensive expertise, and unwavering dedication to exceptional client service.

We frequently receive case referrals from fellow attorneys, a testament to our standing in the legal community.

Over time, we have come to understand the variety of factors prompting attorneys to entrust us with their clients’ cases. These reasons include:

  • The recognition of the necessity for local representation, particularly with insights into judges, opposing counsel, and other regional dynamics crucial to the case’s jurisdiction.
  • The intricate nature or demanding workload of a case necessitating referral to a firm equipped to handle its complexities efficiently.
  • Conflicts of interest preventing the attorney from taking on the case directly, prompting the referral to alternative counsel.
  • Instances where co-counsel arrangements are beneficial, especially in cases involving multiple defendants and conflicts that necessitate referral to suitable representation.
  • Personal, financial, or other considerations prompting the referring attorney’s decision to pass on representation to other legal professionals.

At Overholt Law Firm, PC, we strive to provide fair, honest, and aggressive representation. With our proven track record, extensive experience, and steadfast resolve, we are well-equipped to handle even the most intricate legal matters.

If you’re facing a complex case and require referral, co-counsel, or local representation, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Our initial consultation is free, and we charge no fee without recovering any damages in our personal injury cases.

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