does medicare cover auto accidents

North Carolina has seen a 1.2 percent increase in traffic crashes and a 1.9 increase in road accident fatalities, according to a study by the N.C. Department of Transportation.

Alongside physical injury and mental distress, road accidents can also take a financial toll on those involved. If you or someone you know has recently been in a car accident, you might be short of cash, or wonder about your financial options in this trying time.

Does medicare cover auto accidents? What happens if you have car insurance along with medicare? 

Let’s get started by addressing the most relevant personal injury laws in North Carolina.

Financial Compensation: Auto Accidents in North Carolina

North Carolina follows an at-fault system in relation to auto accidents. This means that in a given accident, the party who is responsible for causing the accident will also be responsible for paying the damages. 

As with any personal injury, it is upon you to prove that it was the negligence of the other party that caused the accident, and your injuries. Given that it can be particularly difficult to navigate the laws surrounding personal injury, it is beneficial to seek the assistance of a qualified auto accident lawyer near you.  

Car Insurance in North Carolina

Every car driver in North Carolina is required to have liability insurance that extends to $30,000 for each person per claim for all injury-related expenses. Additionally, the insurance must cover $60000 per accident for all injury claims and $25000 for each accident, covering property damage. 

Keep in mind that these are minimum coverage requirements. Furthermore, insurance companies may include uninsured motorist coverage. This allows respective policyholders to claim compensation if the at-fault party is not insured. 

You may also opt for underinsured motorist coverage. This allows you to claim compensation if the at-fault party’s insurance covers less than the total amount due.

Does Medicare Cover Auto Accidents Injuries?

Medicare is a healthcare plan and therefore does not necessarily extend to injuries. It does not cover auto accidents in the way that a normal insurance company might. However, if you are enrolled in Medicare Part B which extends to necessary and preventative care, it does cover the treatment for injuries arising out of your auto accident. 

Do keep in mind that in most cases, car insurance takes precedence over Medicare. This means you won’t be assisted by Medicare until the at-fault party’s insurance company pays its dues for your medical necessities. 

Get the Compensation You Deserve

If you or someone you know has recently been in an auto accident in North Carolina, do make sure to get the medical and legal assistance you need. 

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