You might not think about a personal injury attorney on a regular basis, but you’ll know when you need their services.

If you’ve been injured in an accident, you deserve time to heal. You shouldn’t have to worry about negotiating with insurance agents, gathering evidence, and fighting your case on your own. 

Personal injury attorneys can take much of that stress off your shoulders, so you can focus on what’s most important. Today, we’re taking a look at some of the many services they can provide. 

Securing Medical Treatment

Even if you don’t have any physical injuries immediately noticeable following an accident, it’s still smart to visit a physician to get checked out. There are some soft-tissue injuries that can show up days or weeks later. 

Your personal injury attorney can help you schedule this appointment and find a provider if you are unable to do so. They can also consult with you and represent you in communications with your healthcare team. This can help them prove the extent of your injuries and show that you’ve taken proactive measures to correct them.

Negotiating With Insurance Agents

Immediately following your accident, you may think it’s best to reach out to your insurance agent and explain what happened. If you do so, they may offer you a settlement that’s far less than what you need and deserve.

Your personal injury attorney can take care of this communication for you. They will contact your insurance agent, as well as the agent representing the other party, and ensure that you receive a realistic and adequate compensation. 

Filing Lawsuits

If a settlement cannot be reached in your case, then it can turn into a lawsuit. While each state has its own restrictions and timelines, it can take years for a personal injury case to go to trial

It’s important to file all documents within the specified timeframe to ensure your case stays active. Your attorney will be closely familiar with your state laws, including the statute of limitations. They can ensure that you have all of the right paperwork in place before you proceed.

Recovering Compensation and Lost Wages

Did your personal injury force you to miss work or leave your job altogether? If so, it’s time to get legal counsel. Losing those wages can pose a direct threat to your income and financial health, and you need support to get back on your feet.

A lawyer can help you get the personal injury compensation that you deserve. This can help supplement your income and pay your bills while you’re healing at home.

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